About Us

Gate Motors Johannesburg

Gate Motors Engineers You Can Afford!

Gate Motors Johannesburg is a company that was started by a group of friends in 2005 with the aim of being one of the only companies that work with its customers to ensure that quality products are sourced and high skilled individuals are easily accessible.

The main difference with our company and the rest is that we have designed our services to be totally customizable to ensure that you can get products and services that you desire without having to get a loan.

Gate Motors Services You Can Trust!

Gate Motors Johannesburg is a company that fully understands the needs of its customers an we have ensured that we can cater for all types of customers including residential, commercial and industrial clients looking for more value and security!

Why we are your best bet:

  • Gate Motor Installation:- We will install your entire gate motor system within a day and we provide you with the delivery of products and resources to your location at no extra charge when we handle your purchases
  • Gate Motor Engineers:- At Gate Motors Johannesburg our technicians are formally qualified and trained to deliver the highest possible quality and workmanship without compromising on anything!
  • Gate Motor Repairs:- We offer Gate Motor repairs that are provided based on your needs. You have access to same day repairs, emergency repairs and scheduled services based on your availability.

Gate Motors Johannesburg has earned a good name for itself after so many years of providing our services and today we stand testament to the fact that we have been able to cater for all our customers’ needs!

Get in touch with Gate Motors Johannesburg today for a free quote and feel free to ask questions based on your needs, we are here to help you!